Why do you need to conduct extensive research to write an impeccable dissertation?

Conducting a proper research that your dissertation comprises of accurate information and the subject matter is supported by facts and not theories. As a matter of fact, 70 percent of the time people are researching for new things that they do not know. The human mind thirsts for knowledge. Therefore, it is imperative to rely on reliable sites and books to conduct an elaborate research and include correct information in the dissertation.

So, how can one conduct a good research?

There are several ways of attaining the facts through research. Here are some of the factors you have to consider:

Having a clear understanding of the topic- It is essential that you know and understand the topic you want to write about. By this, you will be able to set boundaries how far your dissertation or research on a particular topic can go. Moreover, you will know where to start your research and where to end it. There is no better way to master your topic than knowing what your topic is all about.

Read the content minutely- The first part of your research should be spent reading relevant information on your topic. Nowadays, there are a lot of sources you can utilize. You may want to go to a public library and read research books, or you can browse the internet and search for the information you may need for your

You Want Academic Success, Develop Good Study Habits!

The educational process is all about studying. You may be regular in your lectures and the varied classroom sessions but still it isn’t enough and not complete till the time you pick up books from your own end and do some amount of self-learning and there isn’t any substitute for it. Students, particularly research scholars are so loaded with work that they find it very difficult to take out time on regular basis for enough self-study. But you must remember that self-study is decisive in terms of the success or failure of your academic endeavour. What should you do in your daily routine to imbibe effective self-study habits?


  1. Frame of mind: having mind over matter is a popular phrase and that is what is required here. You must do away with the distraction when you attempt to get down with your work so that you can devote your full effort to the task you are taking at hand. You can further try to get yourself in the frame of mind for doing the work before actually starting to do it. This helps to immediately develop the concentration in the work as your mind gets prepared before only and you do not waste any further time in doing so.
  2. Have a designated study spot: There can be various ways by which distractions can happen, for instance, friends, music, noise, children and anything else that could call for your attention. You must take time in deciding a specific study spot which is as much as possible away from the distractions that could occur. Whether you decide to find that spot at home or away from home, it should be such which is easy to access and helps you to develop your concentration faster.
  3. Have handy notes: it is not just important to make notes but making good and useful notes is also an art. It won’t be of much good if you have notes that are scrolled down hastily, just for the sake of doing so. You must develop a useful format in which you should put up all your notes as when you every time read the notes in that specific format, your brains starts to comprehend them faster and your ability to retain them also increases significantly.
  4. Be adamant to a schedule: it is less of a challenge to do self-study if you try and not let the work pile up. Do little of the work every day and mostly at the same time and same place so that your body and mind is always able to prepare itself for what is going to come next and hence you are easily able to be in that frame of mind.


Try to do these small little efforts on regular basis and see the benefits reflecting in your productivity.

The advantages of having Open Access Publications

It has become a movement and no less everywhere around the world. It offers a lot of benefits to diverse sections of the society. Some of the key rewards are:

Accessibility: The open access publication becomes a pronounced repository of academic content because no cost imposed on the reader. Most of the times the price barrier for access is either completely removed or sometimes diminished to being negligible. Authors are at abundant advantage because their research gets to be seen by a wider audience because no cost associated for reading it. The reach of the journal increases phenomenally as no geographic or financial boundary can stop researchers from reading some research.

Quick:  Because of open access the results can be seen around by everywhere without much procedures attached, so it becomes pretty much immediate not just to the people who are learned academicians but also to common people who may have an interest in the subject.

Motivating: When the results of a research are available immediately, it becomes an inspiration for others to explore the area further and it gives an opportunity to have more interdisciplinary research efforts by other researchers getting inspired and motivated by others.

 Improved Citations:  With open access offered in journals, you have more chances to get cited in other papers and it consequently improves the impact factor. A lot of studies have shown larger impact factor for open access journals.

Improvised search options:  It is easy to locate an article that belongs to the open access domain, and more so further sharing and recommending to other becomes an easier task. With this facility, it is a great help to search and share papers around.

Better institutional visibility:  More number of readers become aware of authors who publish in open access journals. Institutions are in a position to enhance their profile by being patrons of open access publications, and a lot of funding agencies can achieve more prominence.

Lesser cost: Open access publications are relatively less expensive, and it gives benefits to both journals and publishers. Sometimes, authors are expected to pay enhanced publication charges. Because if this awareness, a lot of conventional publishers have changed into open access mode, this has improved their visibility and attracted a lot of subscriptions.

So, next time when you are looking for publication of your document, attempt to consider open access journals, now that you know all the benefits associated with it.