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A dissertation isn’t just a mere piece of work; it is the most important academic accomplishment in any researcher’s life and requires a thorough check. Most dissertations get rejected the first time and even after second and third go because they lack in-depth, comprehensive editing.

Developmental Editing ensures cohesive and quality dissertation work evaluating every paragraph, chapter, and manuscript as a whole. Our editors check for organization, structure, characterization, plotting, voice, tone, and overall substance of your dissertation. With our PhD thesis editing service in Dubai, we ensure your manuscript adheres to the highest standards and is of impeccable quality.


Developmental Editing Inclusions


Development Edit

Developmental editors at Dissertation Dubai provide a high level editing and review at paragraph, chapter and manuscript level and help in getting dissertation accepted in the very first go.


Quality Review

The next step in our PhD Thesis Editing Service in Dubai is to process the dissertation for quality review. During this, an editor will check all the changes.


Content Edit

During the developmental editing if our editors feel that any changes are required in the content, they make the suitable changes and continue with the development editing.


Specific Expert Inputs

In developmental editing service, the academic experts at Dissertation Dubai provide their specific inputs in order to meet the expectation of your guide and committee.

PhD Packages for Editing Service



AED 2830

  • PhD thesis editing
  • PhD thesis editing : 20000 words
  • Deadline : 7 Days



AED 4065

  • PhD thesis editing
  • PhD thesis editing : 30000 words
  • Deadline : 7 Days



AED 6160

  • PhD thesis editing
  • PhD thesis editing : 50000 words
  • Deadline: 10 Days
Our Guarantee
  • Assurance of a thorough check to meet the expected standard of research writing .
  • Critical review and suggestion to improve the quality of writing .
  • 100% guarantee of confidentiality while keeping your information safe and secure from our end .
  • Our PhD Thesis Editing Service in Dubai guarantees best-in-class proofreading with impeccable writing and zero grammatical errors.
Frequently asked questions
Developmental Editing is a form of writing improvement that comes into the picture before or during the development of a dissertation. It also includes consultation before the writing begins.
Developmental editing comes into the picture even before the writing begins and edits the document based on the chapter level while editing comes into play once you are done with writing.
All our editors offering PhD Thesis Editing Service in Dubai have research backgrounds and are well-versed with international standards of academic appraisal and publication. Some editors are even associated with reputed journals as peer review experts and with leading institutes as consulting examiners.
If your work demands, then the word count may increase or decrease in editing due to re-writing.
Our writers at Dissertation Dubai provide customized services to the clients that depend upon the number of words and deadline required to complete the project.
Yes, we have a free revision policy. If you’re not satisfied with our service then you can claim for free revision for your work within 30 days from the delivery date.

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