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A thesis is a form of extensive writing done by research candidates especially in their final years of course. The doctoral thesis has several chapters to put together. These research chapters are put down in a chronological writing and flow into each other. We at Dissertation Dubai have the expert team of PhD Writers in Dubai provide you with the complete chapterization and chapter writing of your thesis with the assurance of premium quality PhD thesis writing service.


Our Chapterization Scheme

We customized our chapterization scheme as per your university guidelines to meet the expected quality. The chapters we work on are as


Introduction Chapter

The introduction chapter includes the brief outline of your topic and subtopics going to be covered in the PhD, a valid reason why your project would be an important addition to the body of knowledge, the objective of your research and how are you going to achieve the same and hypothesis.


Research Methodology Chapter

A Research Methodology chapter provides a link between the research problem and the methods selected to analyse the problem. This chapter is an overview of your approach, followed by the methods for collecting and analysing the data.


Literature Review Chapter

Our PhD Thesis Writing Service in Dubai provides a well-written and impeccably presented literature review chapter as our experts understand its impact on your research. The chapter not only provides an overview of the literature but also an explanation of how the literature relates to your research.


Analysis, Result & Discussion Chapter

The analysis chapter involves modelling, assimilation and transforming of data collected by the research candidate to answer the research questions. The results and discussion chapter is then written on the basis of analysis, which takes a great deal of thought and time.

PhD Packages for Chapter Writing Service



AED 1365

  • PhD introduction chapter writing
  • PhD introduction : 4000 Words
  • Deadline : 5 Days



AED 1630

  • PhD research methodology chapter writing
  • PhD research : 5000 Words
  • Deadline : 7 Days



AED 3000

  • PhD literature review chapter writing
  • PhD literature : 10000 Words
  • Deadline : 10 Days
Our Guarantee
  • 100% plagiarism free Chapter Writing by expert academic writers.
  • Fully Customized Chapter Writing as per your University’s guidelines.
  • Cost-efficient services from our PhD thesis writing service in Dubai with on-time delivery of work.
  • Highest standard of writing with zero grammatical mistakes.
Frequently asked questions
The expert academic writers at Dissertation Dubai will ask for your chapterization scheme and will work as per the same. Generally, our scope of chapter writing includes:
  1. Introduction
  2. Literature Review
  3. Research Methodology
  4. Data Analysis
  5. Result & Discussion
Our PhD Thesis Writing Service in Dubai engages professional native English PhD thesis writers who possess both the proficiency and efficiency required for writing a dissertation. They are PhD or Master's Degree holders and are experienced in academic writing projects.
Our writers will require Topic, research proposal, chapterization scheme and number of word count per chapter from your end and will work as per the guidelines.
Yes, our PhD Thesis Writing Service in Dubai offers customizable services aligned with our aim to serve researchers or students with quality work.
Chapter writing is a vast area to work on and our experts require 2-2.5 month for the complete chapter writing service, however, the turnaround time can be less in case you have a short deadline to meet.
Yes, we guarantee that all your personal information will remain confidential and secure with us as all the work is executed on our servers.

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