4-Step Guide for Dubai-based Scholars to get enrolled in UK university

Q. How does it feel like doing from a London University?

A. Studying in London can be quite an exciting experience with a holistic perspective. Unlike UAE, London offers a contrast climatic experience and many options for pursuing PhD. Doing PhD is a big decision in the life of a student and if London is your chosen option to pursue it, the first thing to do is shortlisting some of the universities and get access to complete information for the prospective university.

Q. Are there any options for research programmes offered in London Universities?

A. Yes, there are primarily two options for research studies in UK.

  • For a traditional PhD course, you choose your own research topic and you work on it independently under the supervision of a senior academician.
  • Another type of research degree is called Research Fellowship degree may be offered as a part of an existing project that the university is already working on. At some places, it is also termed as studentship and it basically means that you are working on a predetermined subject.

Q. As a citizen of Dubai, what are the prerequisites for studying PhD in UK?

A. To begin with , students are required to have completed an undergraduate degree from a recognized university. Some of the universities are more demanding and expect their scholars to have completed a Masters degree in order to apply for a PhD. The entry requirements may vary from university to university, however international students are required to meet the English language requirements that are set by the university. For IELTS, the minimum required score is between 6.0 to 7.0.

Q. How can I get PhD proposal help to get an instant approval for my targeted UK university?

A. With slight variation and subjectivity brought in by each university, the proposal expected by aspiring scholars should portray a clear understanding of the objectives of research and the designed methodology to be adopted to accomplish the objectives. A sound backing of the Literature Review should be done to achieve the same. The experts offering services for proposal designing are abreast with the requirement and expectation level of the universities. They also work in the pre-designed templates that are acceptable by the universities making the task of not just the creation of the proposal but also it's formatting a smooth journey for the scholar.

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