PhD Data Analysis Help in Dubai

Data Analysis starts from managing the data to the final interpretation of the data to use at the conclusion stage. It includes the finding of results from collected data through the use of applicable method and statistical tools.

Data Analysis being the most critical step of a research, often creates a threat to the candidates. Dissertation Dubai has expert team of statisticians who are able to handle data of varied size, ranging from small samples to the entire population to help candidates with their data analysis process.


Our PhD Data Analysis Services


Descriptive Statistics:

Our statisticians are well versed in providing numbers that are used to summarize and describe data in a meaningful way. Descriptive statistics include mean, mode and median.


Inferential Test for Difference of Means

With inferential statistics our experts reach to the conclusions that extend beyond the immediate data alone. We use Z-test for testing the difference of means.


Relational Statistics:

Our data experts offer relational statistics consultation and services such as correlation and multiple correlations endeavoring to provide SPSS statistics help in Dubai.


Inferential Parametric Tests for Significance

For inferential parametric tests for significance, statisticians at Dissertation Dubai apply F-test, t-test, ANOVA and regression.

PhD Packages for SPSS Statistics & Data Analysis Service:



AED 1400

  • Data analysis using SPSS
  • Deadline: 5 Days



AED 2500

  • Data analysis using AMOS SPSS
  • Deadline: 10 Days



AED 2500

  • Data analysis using STATA
  • Deadline: 12 Days
Our Guarantee
  • Perfect application of Test Applied in your research work.
  • Minimizing Errors in Data for better understanding and better results.
  • Selection of Appropriate Statistical Tools for quicker turnaround.
  • Assured verifiable results and result interpretation when providing PhD Data Analysis Help in Dubai.
Frequently asked questions
Analysis will be done by experienced statisticians who have experience in working for academic projects.
Our work process is online however you will get the complete support over the e-mail itself and all your queries will be resolved over there. Our standard response time on email is 24 hours and free support for 30 days is included with the data analysis service.
We give you collated software output files of the analysis as well as an interpretation report explaining the output when providing PhD data analysis help in Dubai. The report is a brief one-line Word file.
Usually data analysis is completed in 4-5 working days, however, qualitative analysis or SEM analysis takes about two weeks to be completed.
Though data analysis is a major step for your dissertation, the use of software completely depends on the type of research (exploratory, explanatory, etc.) and the amount of data. Based on your dissertation details, our statistics experts can suggest suitable software like STATA, AMOS, SAS, and Nvivo or provide SPSS statistics help in Dubai.
We need data and details of your dissertation such as topic, research objectives, hypothesis and questionnaire used.

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