Are you pursuing your Master’s from UK, Australia or Canada? Most international universities have high standards of research and it is usually difficult for an ESL candidate to cope with the studies and research writing. Whether you need to write a thesis or dissertation, the process is cumbersome and requires you to be well-verse with APA, Harvard or MLA style of writing.

At Dissertation Dubai, we offer assistance right from developing the proposal till the completion of dissertation. Our services are chiselled through years of experience and offer maximum value to clients. We have hired native British and Australian writers for assisting you with your writing and editing needs. Further, we have PhD statisticians from India and UK to assist you with data analysis.

We assist master’s candidate with coursework’s, proposal for thesis/dissertation, full thesis writing, editing and review, data analysis and other allied services. Get your Master's Research Help by placing the Order below.


A researcher’s career is at stake with the type of dissertation he writes in his master’s journey. The dissertation has to have a proper structure and flow to follow throughout the academic document. The writing of the dissertation includes every area of the dissertation process of a researcher, ranging from the selection of the topic to help with the writing of the dissertation.

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A research proposal is a basic idea in a person’s mind. It has the capability to convince the University panel to fund the scholar and provide the needed aid to him for the research. A research proposal is the mini version of the dissertation, including all the same chapters with a brief about them in it for the panel to know where and how the research will lead.

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Until a researcher begins with the editing of his dissertation, the document is nothing but a zero draft of it. The editing improves the content, flow, and transition of the draft. An edited document will give you a much-furnished picture of the dissertation than the one you wrote as a draft. The draft helps you sort out the structure, but the editing will garnish the dissertation.

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