PhD Conceptual Framework Development in Research

A theoretical framework for PhD thesis is the researcher’s endeavor to explain a phenomenon through a literature review. It is an adaption used in a previous study with modifications to suit the inquiry.

A conceptual framework in research is a vital part in the research process and serves as a springboard for theory development. The writers at Dissertation Dubai have expertise in developing a conceptual framework and served more than 800 research candidates by providing expert quality conceptual framework.


Our Process Of PhD Conceptual Framework Developing:

We customized our chapterization scheme as per your university guidelines to meet the expected quality. The chapters we work on are as


Explore the
Literature Review

We identify the specific variable described in the literature review and find out how these variables are related to each other.



Next, our experts strictly define variables into measurable factors. To present a cohesive theoretical framework for PhD thesis, fuzzy concepts are denied priming them to be measured quantitatively and empirically.


Identify and
Define Variables

Our expert team identifies the variables and concepts and then categorizes them. Depending on different factors they can be concrete or abstract.


Develop Relational
Statement/ Proposition

During this step we state the relationship between concepts and provide the idea for testing and hypothesis development.

Packages for PhD Conceptual Framework Development Service



AED 1250

  • Developing a Conceptual Framework
  • Literature Review: 2000 Words
  • Deadline: 5 Days



AED 1700

  • Developing a Conceptual Framework
  • Literature Review: 3000 Words
  • Deadline: 7 Days



AED 2150

  • Developing a Conceptual Framework
  • Literature Review: 5000 Words
  • Deadline: 10 Days
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Frequently asked questions
Even though PhD conceptual framework development in research is an important step, it depends on whether your research is exploratory or explanatory. As every research does not require a conceptual framework, we would need to analyze your research to answer you responsibly.
PhD conceptual framework development in research involves describing all independent and dependent variables with clearly defined relationships between them. It should lead to the results you wish to achieve i.e. the research objectives.
Yes, moderating variables are important to include in the framework as they show the effect of independent variable on dependent variables.
Subject matter experts from the same domain as yours who have experience in working for academic project will be developing your conceptual framework.
Yes, We have this policy to assign a dedicated academic writer to provide the clients with complete dissertation writing process. A dedicated writer understands your requirement clearly and works accordingly.
Our experts take 5-6 days to develop the conceptual framework. They go through the literature review, define the variables and independent variable and the relationship between them.

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