PhD Questionnaire Designing Service

A questionnaire is an essential part of your research. If, at any point, your research design and questionnaire is lacking, so will your research result.

While designing a questionnaire, it is important to have significant knowledge in the particular research domain for the better response. The key element of a questionnaire is its length, we at Dissertation Dubai, considers the length, design optimal questionnaire to maximize the response rate.

We ensure that designed questionnaire is optimized for online environment. Our experts are committed to designed quality questionnaire so that the researcher will get the optimal results for their research. Get PhD Survey Questionnaire Design Help by Clicking on Get a quote below.


PhD Questionnaire Designing Features

We customized our chapterization scheme as per your university guidelines to meet the expected quality. The chapters we work on are as:


Determining the questions to be asked

Our experts believe that it is important to understand the questions that are leading towards the research. Experts use their years of experience, creativity and skills to determine the PhD Survey Questionnaire Design corresponding to the research.


Deciding on Question Wording

We design the questionnaire with clear and unambiguous wording for better understanding. We avoid double questions and ask for precise answers from the respondents.


Deciding the layout and sequence

Deciding the layout and sequence for a questionnaire is another important step that our experts follow. Our academic writers always keep the flow of question and design logical and simple questionnaire.


Qualitative and Quantitative Approach

The expert academic writers choose the right approach (qualitative, quantitative or a mix of both) that suits the particular research with an aim to meet the research objectives.

PhD Packages for Questionnaire Design Service



AED 1250

  • Qualitative interview questionnaire design
  • Deadline: 3 Days



AED 1250

  • Quantitative interview questionnaire design
  • Deadline: 3 Days



AED 1950

  • Qualitative and quantitative questionnaire design
  • Deadline: 5 Days
Our Guarantee
  • Quality questionnaire design with an aim to meet the research objectives.
  • Use of right approach (qualitative & quantitative) depending upon the type of research.
  • 100% guarantee of confidentiality while keeping your information safe and secure from our end.
  • Highest Standard of writing by experienced and qualified academic writers with zero grammatical errors.
Frequently asked questions
We need your research details (Topic, proposal, and research objective) and research gap generated from the literature review. Variable is also needed from your end. It will also advisable if you provide an insight on respondent profile.
Usually, 5 point scale is used. Our experts suggest using 7 point in some cases where responses can be mixed and cannot be sticked to a particular choice and where the variations are necessary to be considered.
Mixing the qualitative questions in quantitative questionnaire depends on the research and target respondents. Our academic experts will analysis your research and type of respondents to develop a questionnaire.
The number of questions in a questionnaire depends upon the variables and hypothesis. It should include all the variables as per the hypothesis, however too many questions can reduce the respondent’s interest.
Subject matter experts from the same domain who have the experience in working on academic research and writing will be developing the research questionnaire after analyzing your requirements and guidelines.
Though it completely depends upon your research and type of questionnaire but our experts take 4-5 days in developing a questionnaire. We can customized the turnaround time based on the given deadline.

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