PhD Thesis Proofreading Services Dubai

Proofreading is a vital check without which a dissertation will be rendered as incomplete as it ensures the quality of your research content. Research candidates want to be graded for their ideas and research, not for grammar. As the course work is huge they hardly find time to go through the dissertation for a thorough check and require professional help.

The Proofreading service at Dissertation Dubai is designed to assist the research candidates in correcting the usage of English in their research work. We not only write but also proofread them for English language compliance.


The proof-readers at Dissertation Dubai
The proof-readers at Dissertation Dubai offer the following services

  • Grammar Checking & Correction
  • Italics
  • Word Usage
  • Graph Labelling
  • Symbols & Equations
  • Logical Connection Between Sentences
  • Spelling Check & Correction
  • Quotations
  • Lists
  • Punctuation
  • Charts
  • Headers & Footers

Scope of our Proofreading Service

Why Proofreading is a Challenging Task

Reviewing thesis consumes a great amount of time.

Spotting grammatical or language error from an academic document this huge is cumbersome.

Multiple readings of your own work, in no mean, guarantee tracking of possible errors.



AED 3322

  • PhD thesis proofreading
  • PhD thesis proofreading : 20000 words
  • Deadline: 5 Days



AED 4065

  • PhD thesis proofreading
  • PhD thesis proofreading : 30000 words
  • Deadline: 7 Days



AED 6775

  • PhD thesis proofreading
  • PhD thesis proofreading : 50000 words
  • Deadline: 10 Days
Our Guarantee
  • Cost-efficient service with on-time delivery.
  • 100% Confidentiality and fastest turnaround time.
  • Premium Quality Proofreading by expert proof-readers.
  • Highest standard of writing with zero grammatical mistakes.
Frequently asked questions
Our proofreaders are arguably the best in the industry. They have years of experience as English professors and teachers, newspapers and magazine copy editors.
Proofreading involves removing embarrassing errors from a document. It takes place at or near the final stage of the publication process. It involves reviewing a document a document only for blatant error in spelling, grammar, formatting and word choice. On the other hand, editing is an all-inclusive service that maybe substantive. It involves the correction of the complete document by correcting the transition flow between the paragraphs, re-writing if required, editing as per the academic writing rules, etc. You may check out our editing.
No, our services are the result of years of professional training as proofreaders and editors. We never use proofreading or editing software.
Proofreader will not only make corrections in your document, but will provide suggestions for overall writing improvement as well. All the changes will be done in tracked changes mode for you to see the work done.
Yes, for the first time clients. We offer 5% discount on the total order.
Our team at Dissertation Dubai uses an email delivery system as we understand it’s more convenient for you. Once you receive your work all you need to do is download it.

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