A checklist for the perfect places to study during your PhD journey

A thesis writing journey is a long journey and can get lonely as well at some of the stages. From the beginning days of the academic journey till the master’s level, most of the study involves groups and tutorials where the student is all the time engrossed in with other students or seniors. He rarely feels lonely or left out. However, a PhD thesis is such where the scholar has to for a long time be on his own and complete the writing of the thesis without much support from others. It can indeed be daunting. There is a way out here, one can venture out in the open and find ways whereby he could study as well be in company of other people and not feel the effects of being into isolation.

Practically speaking if you want to decide to move out of the boundaries of your home and find places outside where you could sit and do your work and also feel that connection with the world outside then firstly, you need to have a checklist to ensure that the place is a good place to do your work. Any public work place you choose should have:

  1. Appropriate size of tables
  2. Power points
  3. Comfortable chairs
  4. Restrooms
  5. Good Lighting
  6. Suitable working hours
  7. Drinks and food that you like and is suitable to your pocket as well

Some suggested places to meet can be:

Cafes:  In every way a café is a great place to work. The ambience, the background, music foods options are all elevators of mood towards working. The café you choose should have a lot of space so that the other guests and the staff does not become a distraction for you. Having a Wi-Fi in the café you choose is a feather on the cap.

Libraries:  A library in the vicinity, however humble its premise be is the most conventional and apt place to sit and do work. A library will have all the things you have out in your checklist as it’s the place that is meant to sit and study at. Proximity to your home is one condition that your library should necessarily meet.

Pubs and Bars: may sound weird to you, but during weekdays at day time, pubs and bars are surprisingly a very good place to work or study. You may not believe it but do try it one time. Moreover you can arrange to meet your friends when you have completed working, as a treat to yourself.

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