How to do smart networking at a Conference?

Don’t indulge in Scientific Details: The Ph.D. scholars eat, sleep and breathe research, so the scientific terminology is so much into their life that they leave no opportunity to tell whoever they meet about their acquired scientific knowledge. You must not act like an academic scientist else people start to run away from you. To be able to gel with people from both industry as well as academia, you must skip scientific talks.

Personally thank the sponsors: You must know who the sponsors are at different events you attend. Remember them and ensure to thank them at the end of the occasion. Not many people do that, and it works well with letting yourself recalled by folks in the industry. You don’t know; you may need them for any research project or career interests in the future. If you could do some research about the sponsors before going to the conference, it would be a good idea and give you constructive inputs to engage in a conversation.

Cash you student stature: When you are in the student zone, naturally people exhibit more patience when interacting with you and display more openness than to others. People from the industry would be open to sharing news and information with you, and you would be able to network with a peer from other universities who have similar concerns or challenges. When you are in the student zone, by default you get the right to ask as many questions as you want and compile as much information as possible.

Exhibit confidence: When you show confidence about yourself and your skills, you see people coming over to you and showing interest in wanting to get associated with you. Everyone wants to get associated with persons who know what they are doing and their KRAs. In a public gathering, what you talk, your body language, concept clarity, and all other factors are responsible in showing to people who are observing you about your self- confidence level.

Follow up after the conference: The best is for the last. It is the finest networking technique, and you must do it at the earliest. Rather the same day you must write an email to all sponsors and organizers, thanking them for the initiative and the effort. In the email mention about who you are and what was the conversation, you shared with them so that it becomes easier for them to retain details about you. In case you want any favor from them, you must keep that at some later stage and not in the first mail itself.


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