How to write Impressive Acknowledgements?

Acknowledgements are formally a part of any research and though they cannot be ignored or neglected in any research, most people want to write an acknowledgement from their heart. But, in an attempt to create an acknowledgement that comes with all emotions attached to it, often writers ignore or forget to attach a formal tone to it. Acknowledgements need to be written in a very gracious way, while thanking people at both professional and personal front.

Following tips can be kept in mind for writing good acknowledgements:

  • Have a consistent tone and flow in writing: It is up to you whether you want to write in in bullet points or a paragraph. Whatever be your choice, address the people you are wishing to thank in a formal tone and personally as well. You can do that in an order of preference, if you want with the person you want to thank most coming first. Some people find this a complicated task, so follow the alphabetical order when writing acknowledgement.
  • Give preference to the most important people, surely: Whatever order that you decide to follow is your own choice, but do not forget to address the most important person first. That of course is your supervisor. Followed by that, do not miss on to writing the names of other committee members who have a direct or indirect role in your project.
  • The indirect helpers need not be ignored: Throughout the process of your research, lot many people may have helped you, some directly and some indirectly. From the librarian to the lab assistants, class mates, seniors or any other person you think, made your task little easier and less stressful, deserves a mention in the acknowledgement.
  • The financial helpers: If you have received financial help from anywhere, a scholarship or funding for your research work, a grant from a financial group. Whatever it is, you must address them with the correct name and if possible and required, also the list if personal contacts.
  • Don’t forget the emotional anchors: Emotional support is integral, more for a stressful journey like your PhD research. Your acknowledgement is incomplete if you have not mentioned all those who have supported you mentally as well as emotionally. These could be family, friends, acquaintances or anyone else. However, do not make this a platform for personal love related declarations. You sure can thank your partner for support and help, formally as well as graciously.
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