Some important things for editing?

When you start editing, be sure that you are doing with a fresh mind and you have given yourself some time free in-between after having completed writing. This is very important. A lot of student are often writing to the closest time possible to the deadline and then they immediately switch to the process of editing. This is not an ideal scenario. You need to be away from the content, both mentally as well as physically so that your brain gets the time to clear away any thoughts about the essay that you have in your mind and you can return back to it with fresh eyes.

When you feel that your mind is all ready to take up the task o of editing and is fresh so that all biases can be avoided then first thing you need to do is take that hard copy of the content you wish to edit. I also advice here that you have a double spacing in the content to not strain your eyes too much and also at the same time gives you the space to accommodate the changes that you wish to . Next, find your perfect place where you feel you wouldn’t get disturbed and there would be minimal distractions, take a red pen and sit with your favourite beverage. Editing would not be completed on one reading. You would have to read the content a multiple number of times. Each read that you do should be done with an objective in mind and have a different objective every time that you read. This way you will be able to give it a holistic editing. The best suggestion could be that the first read should be to find out transitional errors or errors that are there with the format of the content. In the next read that you do, correct the grammatical flaws and alter the paragraph length if needed. You would have to give in another read for spelling and typo errors.

I you are able to get help from anywhere, it is always a great idea as it is very beneficial to have a fresh mind and a fresh set of eyes look at the content. You could try to seek help from friends or family members, whoever is willing to help. They can also help you to find out any ambiguous content which could be making sense to you but not to somebody who doesn’t have the kind of background information you have about the content.

Happy Editing!

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