Struggle of Methodology Chapter can be overcome easily, if your statistician possesses these qualities

Drafting the methodology chapter of your dissertation is surely a challenge. But if you hire a good and proficient statistician, you can easily overcome all the struggles. Let us discuss some of the qualities which your statistician needs to possess to ensure trouble-free workings on methodology chapter.


Your statistician is flexible and prepared to change abruptly, recognize and even anticipate change, it will be really helpful. When sizing up the demands of your dissertation, they need to timely ensure framing up on the work and make it as robust to change as possible.

Ability for sizing up the problems

The statistician need to be well qualified to size up and diagnose different issues, appreciate their broader implications and context and assess their importance. When writing the methodology chapter and organizing the stats, the statistician may discover that various issues are not articulate or well-defined. The statistician needs to instantly gather an understanding of the underlying issue and assist you in preparing the methodology chapter and stats in their best possible capability.

Good communications and related skills

There are times when even you, as their customers, may have limited understanding or little idea of the potential contributions of your statistician and their prepared stats. In such situations, your statistician needs to explain you about the value of statistics for your methodology chapter and ways to efficiently develop it. With the use of easy language, avoiding the use of jargons, they need to inform you about vital ideas, recommendations and stats that can give your methodology chapter a special edge. Additionally, your statistician needs to be a good listener so that they can viably listen to your ideas and suggestions and the way you want the stats to be prepared. Moreover, the ability to network with colleagues from different backgrounds and training is also crucial.

Realistic Attitude

The statistician needs to keep a realistic attitude towards your dissertation and focus not only on the current findings and also the long-term goals and implications of your dissertation. Even though your statistician can try out new stats methods which they have learned in the institute or developed themselves, but they need to keep it to a degree till it is helpful for solving the issues and preparing stats effectively and relevantly. Furthermore, your statistician should have a passion for lifelong learning, needs to be confident and ability to manage time and cope up with stress!

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