The Table of Contents: Simple Yet Challenging!!

Most of the writers try to create the “Table of Contents” manually, without actually knowing that there is a complete process that is there in the word that is helpful in building it. Doing the entire task manually can actually get very frustrating and sometimes the writers may just give up on it completely.

Small thing as spacing may just not go right and it can become really a task. But there isn’t much to worry, as if you follow some simple steps you can fix up the situation and creating the entire page won’t be as difficult as otherwise. MS word offers you a very good format which can be of help in creating the perfect content table.

In the first step, you need to see that the toolbar for formatting is visible above the paper. If it isn’t visible, you got to do it by moving down the toolbar from the View section.

Then, in the beginning you need to give a heading to the chapter. With the use of the “menu” that is there on the left side of the screen, at the top, you can do that. Next, click on Heading 1 to type the heading you want to give to the section. After that click on return. This process may be initiated either during the writing process of the paper, or once you have finished writing the document.

When all the sections in the paper have been divided, it is time to finalise the Table of Contents. This is the finishing stage. Have a blank page inserted at the beginning of the document. In the toolbar, click on insert, reference and then eventually at index and tables. Once the window has come up, click on Table of Contents and then finally on “ok”. You would be surprised here that your table of contents would be created, and it isn’t as difficult as you anticipated. The key is, to be patient while doing it and once you know the tricks it becomes extremely simple to format your paper and create sections like the these and others.

As a writer, never feel scared to learn new techniques and methods to simplify the way tricky and complicated things can be done. With some patience and focus, you may feel that things that frustrated you, may be simplified and easy to accomplish than you thought.

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