What are the best foods you can eat to concentrate better on your thesis?

Are you struggling to concentrate on your research, and you need to find ways to keep up your motivation to keep working hard? Eating the right kind of food has an effect on your wellbeing, and does affect your energy levels, both physically as well as mentally. Remember, you read in science as a child, your memory skills, and ability to concentrate is determined on the speed at which your brain cells make new connections. There are some food items that work wonders in improvising your ability to concentrate, and stay motivated


Multigrain bread: Multigrain bread helps the brain to function in a balanced way as it is largely complex carbohydrates which are used by the brain to release gradual energy. So it is used by the brain for longer time span, thus increasing the capacity to concentrate, and perform better for longer duration. In addition it boosts up the cardio vascular health.

Strawberry and Blueberry: They are small powerhouse of energy and power. They contain special compounds that help to boost memory by increasing the ability of the brain to signal augment the cognitive function of the brain. Some studies also claim that it increases capacity to learn and motor skills.

Green Vegetables: There are many ways in which vegetables can be cooked and consumed. The seasonal variation keeps changing, and so can the way in which they are cooked. You feel stressed or hard pressed on time, you can even eat them raw. They are known to have a high content on anti-oxidants, fibre and Vitamin K. It surely is proven that it enhances the cognitive capacity of the brain.



Other than this, there are many fruits and vegetables that help in increasing the brain concentration. Many researchers are so engrossed in the thesis writing, and research work that what they eat is their last priority. Do not make that mistake. After all, we all are what we eat. If you want that the time you are spending on your research is worthy and is utilised to the best of your potential, this is another area you need to focus, and streamline in your way of life. It is easy, you just need to discipline yourself, and all researchers are disciplined only so do ponder over it.

The next question is, what is the best time to eat food?

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