What is the way to write research papers?

It is from one subject to another, that the style of writing research paper gets distinct. Having good and satisfactory content is of course the most important requisite because it isn’t possible that poor content can be camouflaged by good writing. That isn’t possible.

The way you write your research largely depends upon the type of journal that you are focussing on and who is your specific reader. Whenever you write something for a larger audience, there should be a general aim that you should be targeting. What you should seek to achieve from your writing is to be attractive to non-experts in your field of writing and the same time unique and special enough to be interesting as well as not offensive to the experts.

Title: The title of your writing should be such that it should reflect the unique nature of your document, in comparison to all the prior work that exists in your field. Again, keep the interest of the larger audience in mind that it should be logical for the non-experts and at the same time intriguing for the experts.

Abstract: Not many would tell you that there exists an inverse relationship between the length of your abstract and the significance of your document. Usually, when you have a short abstract the results are very powerful.   Abstract should be concise but not miss the results that reflect from your research. A self-contained sufficient abstract is the best trait of a good abstract.

Keywords: With the internet and search engines being the only medium of search of research papers, keywords you identify for your paper are important because they would define  that on search of which words would your paper  show up  in the results. So you must apply your mind thinking about search items that you want should lead your paper.

Introduction:  With 80 per cent of readers not going past your abstract, from the remaining 20 per cent the majority do not go beyond the introduction unless it is something that is so impressive and intriguing that they cannot let it go. The intro must be beautifully written and generating curiosity at the same time.

The introduction again needs a lot of thought and effort before writing. You must have a checklist for your introduction and make sure all aspects are taken care of completely so that readers of all levels of expertise and intellect can connect with it.  What is the checklist for your intro, we will bring it up in the next blog.

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